How effective health and safety implementation can help to maximise your company’s profit

Protecting staff

Protecting your workforce from sickness and injury at work

Staff Safety

If your staff know you care about their safety, they will then be inclined to look after your business

Empower the workforce

Empowering your workforce with annual fire safety and health and safety training will make them more confident and feel safer

Workplace Investment

Investing in your staff’s health and safetyshows that you care about their long term role in your business and will encourage them to commit to their success and the success of your company

Clean workplace

A clean and healthy working business environment shows customers that you take care of your business and will encourage them to keep coming back to you.

The importance of using a consultancy who understand the specific
health and safety laws of your business sector

It is hugely important that when considering the services of a health and safety or fire safety consultant that as a manger or owner of a business or organisation that you choose a consultancy or practitioner who understands the health and safety or fire safety law and its relevance to your particular industry. Too many times businesses have realised at great cost to them that in the event of an accident or health and safety breach, the authorities and insurance companies will not consider the companies health and safety policies and processes compliant with current legislation.

This maybe because in many cases the practices applied within the documentation have been too general and specific health and safety procedures have not been applied to that particular industries operational processes. It is absolutely vital that your chosen health and safety consultant or competent person understands your industry and business in order to apply an effective health and safety policy fully compliant with current health and safety Law.

Adastra Health and Safety Consultants are a leading Workplace Health and Safety Consultancy providing businesses and organisations with service and support on all matters related to their occupational health and safety and ensuring they are fully compliant with the latest health and safety legislation.

Any business with 5 or more employees is required by law to have:

  • A documented Health and Safety PolicyFood Hygiene
  • Documented arrangements for Health and Safety Practices
  • Documented Risk Assessments for hazardous materials / situations
  • Access to competent Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy training and advice.

Consequences for Non Compliance?

The penalties of not complying with Workplace Health and Safety law can be very serious:

  • Unlimited fines
  • Individual fines
  • Possible imprisonment
  • Publicity of prosecutions leading to loss of orders and damage to reputation

How can we help your business or organisation?

The red tape and complexity of health and safety Law can be a minefield for businesses no matter how big or small they may be. It is our job to help these companies become health and safety compliant and act as their health and safety ‘competent person.’

We provide a wide range of Health and Safety services including:

  • Risk assessments
  • Inspections and audits
  • Safe systems at work and method statements
  • Training and support
  • Workplace stress management
  • Competent person
  • Accident investigation
  • Fire Risk assessments

You maybe insure as to what your businesses current health and
safety obligations are and if your current policy is out of date. We can provide you with advice and guidance on whether your current Health and Safety Management System is actually working. We will bring to your attention any areas which need improving and will provide you with an in-depth action plan to help and guide you through any improvements.

For larger and multi-site businesses and organisations please click here to request a call back from one of our senior health and safety consultants. Whatever the type and size of your business or organisation its Health and safety is our priority

Experience where it matters

Our workplace Health and Safety Consultants will provide you with detailed yet straight forward and practical recommendations in all aspects of health and safety. Our primary goal is the Health and Safety of your business and employees. Let us be you’re your companies health and safety ‘competent person’.

What are the benefits of using an Adastra Consultant as my businesses health and safety ‘competent person’?

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