How effective health and safety implementation can help to maximise your company’s profit

Protecting your workforce

Protecting your workforce from sickness and injury at work

Staff Safety

If your staff know you care about their safety, they will then be inclined to look after your business

Empowering the workforce

Empowering your workforce with annual fire safety and health and safety training will make them more confident and feel safer

Investment in staff and workplace

Investing in your staff’s health and safety shows that you care about their long term role in your business and will encourage them to commit to their success and the success of your company

Clean and healthy workplace

A clean and healthy working business environment shows customers that you take care of your business and will encourage them to keep coming back to you.


Patient care and employee well-being are of paramount to surgeries and pharmacies. It is important that health and safety provision is provided by a company that understands this legislation heavy sector and provides the level of service needed in terms of health and safety provision. 

Adastra Consultants through their experience with working in the medical industry will ensure that your surgery, pharmacy or dental practice adheres to all the latest health and safety legislation. We will provide your practice with on-going support and assistance to ensure that you are fully compliant.

GP’s Surgeries must comply with the guidelines set out by the CQC. These ensure that your practice adheres to good health and safety procedures ensuring the health and safety of both staff and patients.

Understanding and complying with the ever changing legislation can be time consuming and confusing for practice managers…..This is where we come in and acting as your health and safety provider we will ensure that you done have to deal with the headache and red tape of health and safety compliance.

Our consultants’ considerable years of experience working within the medical sector will give you piece of mind and lett you concentrate on other areas of your practice.

Specifics covered:

  • Health and safety managementMedical
  • Reporting accidents and incidents
  • Training
  • Monitoring and inspection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Use of equipment
  • Use of hazardous substances/Clinical Waste
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Computer screens
  • Pregnant workers
  • First Aid
  • Fire Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Violence/Agression/Abuse handling
  • Hygiene Management
  • Noise assessment
  • Manual handling
  • Contractors and visitors

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