Are you unsure of your business’s fire safety obligations?

Fire safety legislation is enforced by criminal law. If your business has an out of date fire safety policy you could unintentionally be breaking the law. There are 3 questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Is your fire safety policy up to date?
  • Is your fire risk assessment up to date?
  • Would you or your staff know what to do if a fire broke out?

If the answer is ‘NO’ to any of the above then get in touch with us now for impartial advice.
We are here to help.
Fire Safety is a serious matter.
Don’t risk the safety of your business, staff and customers.

Fire Safety Services

Fire is the biggest cause of damage and injury to businesses today. We offer Fire Safety Services to keep your organisation safe from fire through effective consultation and training

Adastra fire safety consultants specialise in fire safety services such as fire safety training and fire safety and prevention awareness. We are completely independent of any manufacturers or installers of fire equipment and thus are able to provide a totally unbiased and independent opinion on the fire safety measures your business has in place or may require.

Our consultants specialise in undertaking fire risk assessments and advising businesses on the latest fire safety legislation and how these effect your business or organisation. We are also able to offer fire safety training courses both on site at your premises or at one of our training centres around the UK.

Our fire safety consultancy services include:

  • Fire Risk AssessmentsFire Safety Training
  • Fire safety surveys and audits
  • Fire safety awareness training
  • Fire Marshal/Fire Warden training
  • Fire Extinguisher training
  • Expert Witness
  • Fire evacuation Drills

We will advise on the following:

  • The importance of Fire Safety training to your business.
  • Which staff should be responsible for the Fire Safety policy in your business
  • Staff awareness on the types of fires that may occur
  • Fire prevention to reduce the risks of fires occurring and spreading
  • What to do in the event of a fire and reducing risks of fatalities
  • Logging and monitoring documentation

The above will assist towards you complying with your practical, legal and moral duties.

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For larger and multi-site businesses and organisations please click here to request a call back from one of our senior fire safety consultants. Whatever the type and size of your business or organisation its fire safety is our priority

Experience where it matters

Our workplace Fire Safety Consultants will provide you with simple but practical recommendations in all aspects of Fire Safety. Our primary goal is the safety and security of you, your employees and visitors.

Employers Legal Duties

Fire Safety training for employees is a legal requirement for all businesses and organisations.

Any business with 5 or more employees is required by law to have:

  • A documented Fire Safety policy
  • Documented arrangements for Fire Safety Practices
  • Access to competent Fire Safety training and advice.
  • Consequences for Non Compliance?
  • The penalties of not complying with Workplace Fire Safety law can be very serious
  • Damage to property and assets
  • Unlimited fines
  • Individual fines
  • Possible imprisonment
  • Publicity of prosecutions leading to loss of orders and damage to reputation.

Many small to medium enterprises can rarely afford to employ a full-time workplace Fire Safety advisor, in this case we can provide our Fire Safety consultant services and advice as and when required giving you a cost effective Fire Safety Management solution as part of your Health and Safety Training obligations.

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