The benefits of fire safety training to your business or organisation

  • Raised awareness and effectiveness of fire-fighting procedures
  • Safe handling of equipment such as fire extinguishers
  • Increased confidence, co-operation and peace of mind in the event of a fire
  • Reduced risks for your employees

Fire Safety Training

Fire safety training is vital to any business no matter how large or small. Having a Fire Marshal or Fire Warden is proven to save lives. Making your staff fire safety aware and training designated members of staff as fire safety wardens will undoubtedly reduce the risks substantially of fatalities and potential accidents caused by fire

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that the responsible person must ensure that their employees are provided with adequate safety training:

  • From the moment they commence employment
    • If risk is increased because of the use of new equipment, introduction of new technology
    • A change in responsibility
    • A revised system of work
    • Relevant training be provided on precautions and what to do
    • Repeated periodically where required
    • Adapted to changes in the business and new Risk factors

Effective fire safety prevention WILL reduce the risk of a fire taking place and spreading, even more importantly should a fire occur, effective fire safety training will potentially help to save lives.

What are the potential causes of fire in the workplace?Fire Outbreak 480
A fire only needs three things to start. Heat, fuel and oxygen. Things that can cause a fire to ignite could include, naked flames, electrical equipment, cigarettes or any such item that can become hot or cause a spark.

Items such as wood, paper, foam and runner can burn very easily and quickly. Air and oxygen cause fire to spread, often with added speed and ferocity depending upon the type of source.

What should I do to protect my staff and business from fire?
Businesses must initially carry out an up to date and compliant fire risk assessment. Depending upon the findings of the fire risk assessment business owners or managers must then make sure that the required fire safety measures are in place and being implemented in order to minimise the risk or prevent injury and potential loss of life due to fire.

For fire prevention in the business, the risk assessment will identify what potential causes can start a fire aswell as identifying sources of ignition and who is at risk should a fire occur. When the risks have been I identified, it then becomes the responsibility of the business owner to ensure that these risks are managed and that staff and customers are protected from the risk of fire.

Key tasks you should be undertaking to protect your business from fire

  • Have an up to date  fire safety risk assessment in place
  • Keep separate sources of ignition and flammable substances
  • Avoid the risks of accidental fires by managing potentially hazardous equipment
  • Keep your working environment clean and avoid building up rubbish
  • Make sure all fire safety equipment including smoke alarms, lighting and signage are operational
  • Correct fire fighting equipment is in place to vanquish a fire quickly
  • Fire exits and routes must be kept clear at all times
  • Staff or workforce should receive appropriate training in order to understand how to use equipment and to deal with a fire

At Adastra health and safety consultants offer bespoke fire safety training courses which cover specific requirements which your business or organisation may have. These can include evacuation processes for disabled staff or content specific to businesses or organisations who work with the young or elderly. All of our courses are carried out at one of our training centres or at your place of business.

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Workplace Fire Safety Awareness

This is a fire safety course suitable for employees or persons who have not had any previous fire safety training.
UK law requires all employees of a business or organisation to have appropriate fire safety training.
Our Workplace Fire Safety awareness course helps ensure that you comply with the relevant fire safety legislation.

Click here to download the Fire safety training course brochure

Fire Marshal & Fire Warden Training

Fire Safety law states that businesses must have designated members of staff who are trained Fire Marshals or wardens.

Our fire warden training course is suitable for those employees who have been given the responsibility to act as fire safety marshal or warden.

This course offers relevant fire safety training specific for the role of fire warden or fire marshal.

Click here to download the Fire marshal and fire warden training course brochure

Fire Safety Management Training

This course has been specifically designed to provide existing fire wardens, managers and supervisors with specific training regarding their responsibilities to fire safety.

This course will help delegates to assist their employer in the overall fire safety management of the business or organisation.

Click here to download a Fire Safety Management (AL) Training Course brochure

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