How effective health and safety implementation can help to maximise your company’s profit

Protecting your workforce

Protecting your workforce fromsickness and injury at work

Staff Safety

If your staff know you care about theirsafety, they will then be inclined to look after your business

Empowering the workforce

Empowering your workforce withannual fire safetyand health and safety training will make them more confident and feel safer

Investment in staff and workplace

Investing in your staff’s health and safety shows that you care about their long term role in your business and will encourage them to commit to their success and thesuccess of your company

Clean and healthy workplace

A clean and healthy working business environment shows customers that you take care of your business and will encourage them to keep coming back to you.

Safety Matters

Health & Safety

All our premier health and safety services are specifically designed for your company. We offer health and safety training, risk assessments and for schools, colleges, restaurants and take away’s, construction companies, industrial, warehouses and retail stores to mention a few a market sectors…

Fire Safety

Fire safety is of paramount importance at any workplace. If the necessary care and attention is not given to fire prevention procedures then this could endanger the business, it’s property and and more importantly employees. Contact Adastra today and we will check to ensure…

Adastra Training

Training and Consultancy

Adastra provides in depth consultancy and training in all aspects of Health & Safety, Fire Safety and Hygiene Safety for all sectors of business and industry. We offer a professional personal consultancy and service to ensure that your business is fully compliant with the latest legislation…

Adastra Health and Safety Risk Assessment Management Training Solutions

Adastra’s Health and Safety Consultants can provide expert assistance and advice regarding Health and Safety Risk Assessments in your business.

It is a legal requirement for a business with 5 or more staff to carry out documented Health and Safety Risk Assessments of all of their hazards.

To ensure compliancy we can either carry out the Risk Assessments for you or support your business through the process by training your staff or helping you to review and complete forms.

Our specialist risk assessments services include:

Risk Assessments – CoSHH

Adastra’s fully trained and experienced specialists can undertake your CoSHH Risk Assessments and provide you with CoSHH Awareness Training.

Legislation and Regulations

There is a legal requirement for organisations to carry out specific CoSHH Risk Assessments of activities that involve the use of hazardous substances.

Hazardous substances include:

  • Any chemicals with an orange warning label (e.g. toxic, harmful etc.)
  • Biological agents (e.g. Legionella, HIV, tetanus)
  • Plants, flowers and vegetables (they can cause dermatitis)
  • Fumes
  • Dust

How can we help your business?

Adastra can carry out the Risk Assessments on your behalf or we can assist in providing and completing the necessary forms, provide example Risk Assessments and offer general support.

CoSHH Risk Assessments should consider:

  • The hazards presented by a substance
  • Handling of a substance
  • The safety data sheet provided by the manufacturer or their authorised supplier
  • The likely route of exposure (e.g. breathed in, swallowed, injected etc.)
  • The duration of exposure
  • The severity of any likely ill-health effects, and any required first aid treatment
  • The methods of disposing of the substance
  • Storage methods and any special fire fighting requirements.

Get ongoing help with our Health and Safety Retained Consultancy Packages

CoSHH Risk Assessments can be provided as part of our customised Health and Safety Retained Consultancy Packages. These are an affordable alternative to employing your own in house Health and Safety specialist.

Risk Assessments – DSE

There is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 to conduct a specific Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessment for employees classed as users of DSE.

mployees meet this classification of user if they meet the following criteria:

  • They use DSE on a daily basis
  • They use DSE for an hour or more at a time;
  • They could not do their job without DSE.

The Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment should cover:

  • The screen
  • The keyboard
  • The mouse.
computer safety copy
  • The software
  • The furniture (desk, chair etc.)
  • The environment (heating, lighting etc.)

Adastra Health and Safety Consultants can assist with your risk assessment requirements on your behalf, or we can assist you to carry them out by providing and completing the necessary forms, provide example Risk Assessments and offer general support.

Risk Assessment – Manual Handling

Adastra Health and Safety Consultants can carry out a Manual Handling Risk Assessment on your behalf, or we can assist you to carry them out by providing and completing the necessary forms and offer general support. Adastra also provides Manual Handling Instructor Training.

What is Manual Handling?

Manual Handling is the transporting or supporting of a load by hand or the body. If these activities cannot be eliminated, there is a legal requirement (Manual Handling Operations Regulations) to carry out a specific Risk Assessment. The risk assessment should cover:

  • The TASK / JOB being carried out – for e.g. kneeling, stooping, twisting, pushing, pulling etc.
  • The WORKING ENVIRONMENT the task is being carried out in – e.g. stairs, noise, lighting, heat, water…etc.
  • The INDIVIDUAL carrying out the task – for e.g. age, sex, health, strength…etc.
  • The LOAD being carried – e.g. wide, heavy, bulky, sharp, hot…etc.
  • Any other relevant factors.
Health and Safety Risk

Please note that a Manual Handling Risk Assessment and many other services can also be covered as part of our Health and Safety Membership Scheme.

Risk Assessments – Working at Height

Adastra Health and Safety Consultants can carry out your Working at Height Risk Assessment on your behalf using our highly qualified and fully trained professionals.

Businesses must thoroughly assess the risks posed by distance falls in its working environment and put in place specific precautions to in order to avoid a fall which may cause personal injury.

Work at height is the biggest single cause of fatal and serious injury in the construction industry, particularly on smaller projects.

Legal Duties

Employers, the self-employed and any persons who control others work have a legal duty to:

  • Assess the risk of any work carried out at height
  • Ensure work is properly planned and safely carried out.

Falls are a common problem not only in the building, construction and the transport sectors, but for any business whose activities involve working on scaffolding, ladders, roofs…etc.

The law on work at height requires that you take account of your risk assessment in organising and planning work.

The assessment will:

  • Assess the working environment
  • Assess the risks
  • Decide on precautions required
  • Record significant findings
  • Be periodically reviewed.

Risk Assessments – Noise

Adastra Health and Safety Consultants offer a wide range of professional Noise Monitoring and Risk Assessment services including:

  • noise exposure monitoring
  • acoustic testing of
  • single piece of machinery
  • factory floor machinery
  • complete factory acoustics
  • warehouse noise
  • office noise
Noise protection

How can we help your business?

Our noise monitoring and risk services include:

  • Occupational Noise Exposure Monitoring and Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Noise Exposure Monitoring and Risk Assessments
  • Entertainment and Leisure Noise Monitoring and Risk Assessments

We can offer all of our noise monitoring services across the United Kingdom

Experience where it matters

We are experienced in providing accurate, thorough and reliable noise measurements of workers’ noise exposures and ensuring that we provide solutions that comply with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

Our Noise Monitoring and a Risk Assessments will help you to decide what action you need to take to ensure the health and safety of your employees who are exposed to workplace noise.

Our service will:

  • Identify ‘noise’ environment within the business
  • Identify who is likely to be exposed to the noise
  • Analysis employee’s exposures to noise and compare with regulatory guidelines.
  • Identify what you need to do to ensure compliancy with the law and take the relevant steps to rectify the situation.

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