Why your employees could be silently suffering from stress at work

  • Lack of energy and fatigue
  • Unable to work to full potential caused by lack of concentration
  • Failing professional or personal relationships
  • Lack of motivation
  • Physical or medical illnesses

Business owners and managers must take stress at work seriously. you could be open to compensation claims from employees who have suffered ill health from work-related stress.

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How employee stress or anxiety caused at the workplace is effecting businesses and organisations today:

  • Work related anxiety, depression and stress is a major health condition in the workplace of businesses and organisations throughout the UK today,
  • Stress due to work accounted for 35% of work related ill health and 43% of days lost, in 2014/15. This figure is due to rise in the next two years significantly.
  • The causes of stress at work are mainly due to workload, management support issues and changes in organisational structure.
  • Large businesses and organisations have considerably high rates of stress due to work and figures are rising for small and medium enterprises.

The damage caused by work related stress to employees and businesses 

  • The number of cases of work related depression or anxiety in 2015 was 440,000. 
  • The number of new cases of stress caused by work rose to 234,000 in 2015.
  • The total number of working days lost to the above causes in 2015 rose to 9.9 million days.
  • Stress is more prevalent in public service industries, such as education; health and social care; and public administration and defence. 
  • The industries most effected by stress at work are public service industries including health, teaching; business, media and public service professionals (Statistics source: The health and safety executive)
  • Those who suffered workplace stress, depression or anxiety cited workload pressures, including unreasonable deadlines, excessive responsibility and failing support from management.

Our Workplace stress management commitment to your business or organisation

Adastra Health and Safety specialise in providing sensitive, practical and most importantly, carefully considered support andSterss at Work2 consultancy to the stress management of your business or organisation. Working throughout the UK our professionally trained stress management consultants can provide practical training for managers and employees on all aspects which affect employee and workforce wellbeing such as stress, resilience, mental health and bullying.

We offer consultancy, training, counselling and advice from corporate coaching to full day training. Our consultants have many years’ experience in all aspects of stress management and employee support, so if you are considering how sickness absence in your business or organisation could be reduced or you want  to prepare your managers or employees for an upcoming change in your business then please click here to request a friendly no obligation call back from one of our consultants.

Reducing the risk of stress and improving the wellbeing of your workforce.

OUR services:

Stress Management Training, Resilience training, tackling harassment and bullying at work, Mental Health Awareness training

Are members of your workforce potentially suffering from Stress or anxiety? How can you avoid legal action through tribunals?

  • Prevention is the key. Your business or organisation should have a stress management policy in place which supports your employees. You should also undertake a Stress Risk Assessment annually.
  • Offer Stress training and management to your workforce. These should include Stress reduction techniques and coping with stress strategies.
  • Counselling and professional assistance for stressed employees should be provided.

The benefits to the business or organisation include:

  • A boost in attendance improved productivity and output
  • A happy and content workforce
  • financial increase and a reduction in liability to litigation


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